JCK Insider Interviews Conni

Britt Simmitz of JCK Magazine recently caught up with me to ask some terrific questions for JCK Insider. She really does her homework. I was thrilled to share my story with such a wide readership.

“Your designs are clearly and beautifully inspired by nature. Do you spend a lot of time outside? How do your surroundings factor in to new creations?

How can anyone avoid nature where I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, with trees and water and green everywhere? Moving to Northern California as a teenager, the trees were different but there was always so much nature around me. And now I live a half mile from the Pacific Ocean, in a large meadow surrounded by pines and redwoods. It’s been the backdrop to my life.”

You can read the entire interview entitled Design of the Times: Conni Mainne here.

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