When Things Got Weird

Oh, I do look forward to the days when we’ll look back on now, shaking our heads. There is no denying the pain, the fear, and the rage. Everyone says we’ll get through this, and of course we will. Changed, in so many ways. Ways we are starting to anticipate now; ways we will have no clue about until they happen.

As I sit at home, my lifestyle essentially unchanged since I always work from home, I am thinking about the future I want to see come out of this COVID-19 event. I make jewelry here. I have my office here where I do all the data input, pricing and tagging, etc., etc., etc. I have a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean through the trees. And I have wonderful neighbors. These are all things I don’t want to see change.

When the economic crash of 2008 happened, I exhibited in a trade show the very next year where I watched store owners walk the aisles in a daze. I know they were wondering what the heck they were doing there, how they could place orders when things were so uncertain. It was heartbreaking for all of us, on both sides of the counters. I joined a round table discussion with other artists and with retailers. I brought up a concept that hadn’t been used often, yet. Partnership. It was time to work together. Makers and the store owners who sell what we make. We each have something valuable to offer, and if we worked together it would be good for everyone.

Now, in 2020 going forward, partnership is more important than ever, (actually in every aspect of our lives.) I will certainly be embellishing my web site with more and more of my beauties for sale, and I welcome every new relationship that comes through this online portal. Just as important to me are the partnerships I have with the stores that carry my work for people to touch and feel in person. The stores you’ll find listed on these pages have decades of experience, and loyal customers who shop there because they can feel the integrity that underlies each of these businesses. So valuable, that integrity, and I am grateful to partner with each and every one of them.
One in particular is relatively new to me, but I felt seen and appreciated and known the moment we met at a trade show in Tucson. Tresa Vorenberg Goldsmiths has been in business in Santa Fe for 46 years. (Funny, I’ve been in business exactly that long, too!) Her store has been a destination for so many people; this is a valuable thing she has to offer me as a maker who works from her little studio at home. I have equal-but-different things to offer her. My beautiful work that she can feel proud to show. My professionalism that supports her and her wonderful staff. My personal integrity with her loyal customers.

Tresa gets it. We are a Team. One doesn’t exist as well without the other, we enhance each other’s lives. Just the other day, she reached out while most of us are still in shock, and requested images that she can post on her store’s web site for sale. What a terrific opportunity for us both! I admire Tresa’s leadership and gumption, and I am so proud to show my work in her store.


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